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Philharmonie Luxembourg


Alto, Beat, Clef, Dolce, Etude, Fin & Gusto

These are the names of the new characters for the Philharmonie Luxembourg Kids. Their offering makes up roughly 40% of the yearly program – so it was vital that the rebrand had the flexibility to adapt for this audience. The London based NB Studio created the new kids branding. A set of fun, bouncy characters who each have the ability to express any emotion in response to music. The idea was born out of an exercise completed amongst the Philharmonie team, who asked their children to take the master brand logo and make it their own. To craft the characters they used a combination of school class room art techniques – the body of the characters printed using stamps and the details within scribbled using colouring pencils.

Production: Philharmonie Luxembourg
Design and branding: NB Studio London


    • Rigging
    • Animation
    • Rendering & Compositing