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Our proces

Put a soul into character animation and motion design.

Our strength lies in creating simple surreal characters with a realistic feel and lifelike texture. A character can be human or animal. But it can just as well be a shoe or a box. We develop the characters we create from the inside out. The soul of a character, for us, is the most important aspect of character creation. The look and feel completes that aspect.

Our process.

Making an animated film is done in several steps. At any point in these steps we try to keep our clients involved in the process. We don’t make the animation for you, we try to make it with you. From the first idea or concept, right through the storyboards and animatic into the creation of the characters and animation, we want you up to date, informed and happy. Because we know our job and you know yours. and animation was always ment to be a collaboration.


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