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The Origin Of Sound

Short film

Crococile, I mean Crocodile

A couple of years ago we got the opportunity to work with Paul Driessen, the well known Dutch animator on a short film project called “The Origin of Sound”. The film was comprised of a main storyline and a whole bunch of short animations. We got selected to make this one. When we made the sub-folder for this project we called it Crocodile, but made a typo. So the entire project we just called it like the misspelled folder “Crococile”. The film was made in a very short time. We had to get it done in under 3 weeks..

Production: S.O.I.L & Illuster


    • Animatic
    • 3D design
    • Modeling & texturing
    • Rigging & skinning
    • Animation
    • Rendering & Compositing